City Scene: Accolades roll in for Historic Sutter Street

By: Kerry Miller, Folsom City Manager
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In the five years that I have had the privilege of serving as Folsom’s City Manager, we have tackled a number of very high priority projects, including construction of Folsom Lake Crossing and Nisenan Community Park, and planning for our Sphere of Influence (SOI) south of Highway 50. For me personally, however, no project could be more accurately defined as a labor of love than the Historic Sutter Street Revitalization Project. The many months of disruption, congestion and inconvenience are well behind us, and we are beginning to reap the fruits of our labors. Residents and visitors are returning to Sutter Street. Folsom Historic District President Jim Snook reports that the comments he hears about the Sutter Street improvements are overwhelmingly positive. The Historic Sutter Street Revitalization Project is bringing state-wide attention to Folsom. The California Downtown Association recently selected the project for its prestigious Excellence Award in the Physical Improvement category. And, last month Sutter Street received the Project of the Year Award from the Sacramento Chapter of the American Public Works Association. We believe there is a good chance the project will receive additional statewide accolades in the near future. Within a few months we will see completion of the Historic Folsom Station public plaza project on the old railroad block site. The $6 million project was designed to dovetail with the Revitalization Project. It includes a public plaza and amphitheater, and the public improvements necessary to complete a planned private mixed-use development. A former acquaintance of mine who has extensive experience with downtown revitalization projects argues that successful downtowns need good “hardware” and good “software,” using a computer analogy. He describes the hardware as the infrastructure and physical improvements, and the software as the association of merchants, customers, visitors and the community. With the upcoming completion of the hardware on the Historic Folsom Station project, all major Historic District infrastructure will be installed and we will be poised to enjoy the long-time benefits of our much beloved Historic District. I have truly enjoyed being part of a community that continually demonstrates a can-do spirit. No problem is too big and there is never a shortage of capable people ready to pitch in to help. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve this community as city manager and look forward to enjoying all Folsom has to offer in the coming years. Kerry Miller has retired as the city manager for Folsom.