City of Folsom to be featured on ‘World's Greatest!’ TV show

By: Kerry Miller, Folsom City Manager
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A fast-talking East Coast producer from the “World’s Greatest!” television show called recently to chat about the possibility of featuring Folsom on the program. He said Folsom’s name kept popping up on best places to live lists and he wanted to know what makes Folsom so special (beyond the legendary Johnny Cash and Folsom Prison connection). Now I admit that I had never watched the Crown Point Productions show that is now in its third season. The show’s web site ( describes the show as “a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage and interviews with some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people and travel destinations the world has to offer.” The half-hour program reaches more than 75 million potential households through independent cable networks (ION Network, Channel 11 on Comcast in this area). The producer stressed that he knew Folsom has wonderful schools, low crime, beautiful parks and many other amenities. Now he needed ideas for visuals to illustrate the outstanding entertainment options that prove Folsom is a truly unique city. I mentioned the producer’s call to Council Member Kerri Howell and she was immediately excited about the opportunity to promote our community and attract visitors. She volunteered to collaborate with the Folsom Tourism Bureau to convince the producer that Folsom is worthy of a feature spot on the “World’s Greatest!” program. In conversations and e-mails with the program’s producers she cited Folsom’s diverse array of events and activities. Folsom really does have so much to offer in the way of entertainment. We have the Cattle Drive, Shoot-out and Rodeo coming soon, as well as the popular summer Picnics in the Park. We have an unusual Zoo, one of a few animal sanctuaries designated by the National Zoo Association. Folsom Lake is a great spot for boating, water skiing and other water sports. Lake Natoma is the venue of choice for the Pac 10 collegiate rowing championships and a popular fishing and kayaking location. Folsom has 50 miles of beautiful recreational trails bordering our lake and river. On the historical front, Folsom has an impressive History Museum and the Historic Folsom Powerhouse that draws many visitors. Our Historic District is in the midst of a significant revitalization effort that offers great promise for more exciting entertainment options. It should also be noted that Folsom is surely the only city on the best places to live lists that can boast of a cattle drive as well as a well respected college, a large Intel campus, and, of course, the prison that Johnny Cash made famous. We received word last week that Folsom will be featured on the “World’s Greatest!” and we expect the film crew to arrive in time for the Cattle Drive. We are told the Folsom segment will air sometime in late August or early September. Check the City’s Web site,, for more information next month.