City Council Candidate Profile: Rosemary Younts

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Rosemary Younts is in the running for a seat on the Folsom City Council. Younts, 53, is chief development officer for the Mercy Foundation, the philanthropic arm for Mercy Hospital. She serves on the Folsom Chamber of Commerce governing board and on the Folsom Lake College Foundation governing board. “I have 30 years in business,” Younts said. “I’ve worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors.” Younts holds a bachelor’s degree in family-life sciences, concentration in journalism, from California State University, Sacramento and seeks a master’s in communications studies from Gonzaga University. She has worked as communications manager for GenCorp Aerojet. “I started at the Folsom Telegraph, as a reporter,” Younts said. “That was at age 17, when Jack Kipp was mayor.” Younts sees water and a gradually aging community as issues for the future of the city. “Water is a big issue – we don’t have groundwater, we don’t recycle water,” she said. “One thing I see in the future is a changing demographic. We’re now families aged 18 to 45, but if you look just to 2012, you’ll see a shift. I think we have only two assisted-living centers in Folsom.” A poor regional economy and a strapped state budget are factors that need handling insofar as they affect Folsom, Younts said. “Are there ways to streamline (Folsom’s budget)?” she said. “Whatever the region does, we’re impacted, and it’s likely the state will take revenues from us when it balances the budget.”