City Council Candidate Profile: Jeff Starsky

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Facing four challengers in seeking reelection is Folsom City Councilman Jeff Starsky. Starsky, 47, an attorney, has served for eight years on the City Council. Previous to that, he spent four years on the Folsom Planning Commission. He has practiced law for 20 years. Starsky can count accomplishments by the city during his tenure. “For me, I think we really stepped it up,” Starsky said. “We had leaking sewers when I came on. Clearly, the bridge project is an accomplishment. I testified before Congress to get that money.” Starsky notes that prominent national publications have ranked Folsom high recently in categories measuring quality of life. “Money magazine ranked us in the top 34 cities to live in, and Business Week has twice listed us among 25 most affordable suburbs,” Starsky said. Other accolades have come in the categories of best place to start a business and best place to raise a child, he said. Starsky said what he is looking forward to is “in some respects, more of the same.” “We have to make sure the city gets through the tough economic times that are coming,” he said. “It’s important to move ahead with the annexation (of 3,600 acres south of town) and bring in businesses. Starsky said he believed a continuity of membership on the council has helped Folsom improve. “We’ve had a strong team, and that does make a difference,” he said. “The only change during my time is that Andy Morin came on for Cyndi Dow.”