City bars students from parking in residential areas

By: Roger Phelps, The Telegraph
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Parked cars were slapped with official notices from the city near Folsom High School late last week. Restricted parking takes effect today on some streets intersecting Grover Road off Iron Point Road. The move is the second chapter in Folsom’s attempts to appease residents complaining of curbsides crowded with cars parked by students. Students say important first-period classes are held on the opposite side of campus from the rear of the student parking lot. “Beginning Oct. 1, the residential streets near Folsom High School will be posted with 2-hour time limits, which will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on school days,” the notice reads in part. Months ago, residents rejected a city proposal to issue neighborhood parking permits so the City Council instructed staff to research a new proposal. A poll showed approval for the permit idea, said Mark Rackovan, city traffic engineer. “I just park here because it’s faster,” said Christy Boulos. “To the building just across the street (Iron Point Road), from the back of the lot, it’s three times as long to get to.” Some no-parking zones exist close to campus, and Folsom has been vigilant in enforcing them. Student Mallory Feick said she’d already had a parking ticket, had seen the latest notice and planned to obey it. “I leave home early, so I’ll park in the lot,” Feick said. Parent Laurie Reynolds said she’s been ticketed near campus, too, while trying to pick up her child from school. “Everyone else was doing it,” Reynolds said. “I had just pulled in – I had the car running and everything. It was $25.”