Chamber actually donated building to city

Reader input
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Re: “It’s time to look at rent issue,” by Don Chaddock, Telegraph, Nov. 17. The Folsom Chamber of Commerce has been in the railroad depot since the early 1960s. Based upon information from Madeline Mosely, in the early ’60s the chamber met in the evenings at what is now Sutter Middle School, which was then Folsom High. Their meetings were inconvenient for the janitor, who had to lock and unlock the building to let them in on the evenings that they met. Way back then, Sutter Street was a run down bunch of low rent buildings, many of which were serving as storage places. The depot had been nearly abandoned by the railroad, and the building was a mess. One of the Chamber Board Members, I think Madeline said his name was Windy Tucker, went to San Francisco to ask the railroad if they would allow the chamber to use the building. The railroad offered to sell the building to the chamber for $1. The chamber said yes, they returned to explain the story to Jack Kipp, who told them they would have to clean up the building because it was an eyesore and that they had to paint it. As part of this process, the chamber gave the building to the city. Based upon the story, I would say that the deal with the chamber is good for both sides because the Chamber has taken care of the building for the past 50 years. The chamber is the most important operation in the Historic District, in my opinion, and they provide a huge service to the city in more ways than I could list. The chamber lease was not extended. With regard to the recent letter about “Howell Mountain,” the city has stockpiled the material at that site, because it was excess from the bridge project and it will be used to construct the new “Johnny Cash Trail” across the prison property and the overcrossing of East Naomi Street. The white covering is to prevent a dust problem and it is not deteriorating. It is basically in my neighborhood and I do not see it as an eyesore. Kerri Howell, Folsom City Council