Bulldogs fall to Marauders, 2-0

By: Brett Ransford/Telegraph Correspondent
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At home Tuesday with a 30-mile-per-hour-wind the Bulldogs (4-2-3) were caught in the wind against Jesuit. Ending a four-game win streak, the Bulldogs tumbled 2-0 to the Marauders. Both goals were scored in the second half as Jesuit had the ball running downwind. Folsom coach Mike McBride hoped to benefit from the wind advantage in the first half. Despite taking seven shots the Bulldogs couldn’t reach the net. Against the win in the second they only managed two shots and allowed eight corners for Jesuit. Jesuit made use of the strong wind, scoring first in the 68th minute. The play was set up in the corner, as a Jesuit player dribbled in and played through the defense. A Jesuit forward was in the middle to finish the pass. The second goal came minutes later in the 72nd on a corner from Folsom goalkeeper David Zezoff’s right side. It was played in and finished again by the same Jesuit forward. Zezoff had eight saves in the game. Seven of those came in just the second half with Jesuit playing into the wind. “The ball just stayed in our have almost the entire time,” said Zezoff. “I got the ball a lot on a lot of bounce opportunities. It was a lot tougher in the second half. I was just trying to see through-balls and stay back so I couldn’t get chipped.” Doing some of their own chipping, the Bulldogs matched Jesuit’s nine shots in the game. The Marauders, however, had 11 fouls in the game to Folsom’s eight. Jesuit picked up their physical play in the second half and that helped their cause. Folsom had the strategy to use the wind to score first but missed a couple opportunities. “The game plan was working,” said McBride. “We were able to get some good counter attacks in the second half. In the first half we just couldn’t put it in the net.” Ready for playoffs, the Bulldogs are set to enter as the third seed in the Delta River League behind Jesuit (9-0) and Sheldon (6-2-1). Thursday Folsom has their fourth game of a 2-1 home stand as they host Monterey Trail (1-6-1). “It’s just been unlucky,” said Zezoff. “We tied our first three games that we should have won. Since then we’ve been pretty solid.”