Bulldogs bark, storm water gets revamp at Folsom City Council

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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Tuesday night’s Folsom City Council meeting sported 80 kids, a few bankers and the first reading of a new storm water ordinance. With 80 students in the Folsom Jr. Bulldogs football and cheer programs receiving special certificates from Mayor Kerri Howell at the start of the meeting, the chambers were packed with proud parents and siblings. “This is like herding cats,” joked councilman Jeff Starsky. Each name was called and the kids made their way to the front, where flashbulbs went off like paparazzi at a red-carpet movie premiere. “This award is as much for the parents as the kids,” said Howell, recognizing the efforts of family to instill good learning habits so the kids could achieve such good grades. Sarah Staley, an engineer with the city’s Public Works department presented the first reading of the new storm water ordinance. She said there were two primary issues for the revisions. One was to be consistent with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water permit. The other was to update the language of the ordinance to be consistent with the city’s own practices already on the books. “There are new development design standards (the city) implemented a few years ago,” Staley said. Starsky pondered the possibility of financial impacts on those being regulated. The city staff report indicated there would be no costs to the city for the updated ordinance but didn’t mention those being regulated, he said. “Is there an increase in cost of doing business?” he asked. “It doesn’t sound like it if we’re already doing it.” Starsky asked city staff to include such information in the future. City Manager Evert Palmer said if there would be a financial burden on those being regulated, the staff would be sure to include the information for council members. The second reading and adoption of the ordinance is expected March 13, with changes becoming effective 30 days later. Councilman Andy Morin, echoing remarks made by Palmer regarding water conservation, urged residents to be frugal with their water usage. “We have 15 inches of snow compared to 10 feet a year ago,” he said. “The snow pack is dismal. … We’re going to have a rough summer.” Morin also said he’s frequently asked about Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, opening in the Palladio center near Highway 50. “I think it’s opening April 14, but I know that date has been moved around a little,” he said. Councilman Steve Miklos said it’s time for the council to hold a public workshop regarding the budget. “We’re in extraordinary economic times,” he said. “I’d like to have some type of structure … and a workshop.” He said it’s time the council stop doing “budget by crisis.” Another resolution of commendation was presented by Starsky to officials from Wells Fargo, honoring their sponsorship and contributions to numerous city-sponsored events such as Run With Nature and Concerts in the Park.