Brothers attend rival schools

By: Matt Long
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Carter and CJ Moore are 15-year-old twins who are a lot alike. They’re both athletic and outgoing and mischievous and are best friends. The biggest difference between the two is the schools they attend. Carter is a sophomore at Folsom High, while CJ is a 10th grader at Vista del Lago. It sets up an interesting dynamic at John and Lori Moore’s Folsom home. Following the footsteps of his older brothers, Tyler, 21, and Austen, 18, Carter is a Folsom Bulldog through and through. He wanted to go to the school all along after finishing eighth grade. CJ, however, had his sights set on Vista del Lago and that’s where he is. “John wanted them to both go to Folsom because that’s where our other two boys went and our house is full of Folsom Bulldog clothing,” Lori said. “But once we found out that CJ adamantly wanted to go to Vista, how were we going to tell him no? We’re in Vista’s attendance area, so we just let the boys go where they wanted to go.” Both boys had specific reasons to go to their respective schools. “I wanted to go to Vista because I knew their soccer coach, Jimmy Frazelle, and I liked him,” CJ said, who last fall played on Vista’s junior varsity soccer team and also wrestles and runs track at the school. Carter’s interest in sports also led him to Folsom High. His favorite sport is baseball and he also plays football and wrestles at Folsom High. “Folsom has a good baseball program and I knew I’d be playing football and Folsom’s known for their football team,” Carter said, who played junior varsity ball this fall until being pulled up to the varsity team at the end of the season. “I figured I’d be more successful at Folsom High and play more.” Both boys stand behind the schools they attend. So which school is better? That, of course, depends on who you ask. “I like the smaller feel of Vista instead of being an ant in front of 2,000 people at Folsom,” CJ said. “I also like the block schedule at Vista and I feel I can manage my time better and get more focus from the teachers.” Carter countered, “I like the big school feel, having a lot of kids at the school. All the sports teams are competitive and it’s a good decision for me.” For the most part, the boys have the same friends and even have friends at each other’s school. They brothers get along well, but when the two schools play each other in sporting event, things get a little testy. CJ was all smiles when Vista defeated Folsom during a spirited varsity boys’ basketball game last month. “It was a good game,” CJ said. “I talked a lot of trash to my brother after that one.” Carter couldn’t say much about the loss, other than he’s confident if the two teams play next year Folsom would come out on top. “It was fun watching the teams play,” Carter said. “CJ talked trash, but I just brought up football and he didn’t have anything to say after that.” No where is the Folsom/Vista rivalry more apparent than in the Moore household.