Booth siblings take silver at judo championships

By: Nick Pecoraro Telegraph Correspondent
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The Booth kids are at it again. Over the weekend of May 19-20 in Fresno, brother-sister pair Curtis and Ashley Booth both competed in the 2012 California Judo State Championships and came home with some more hardware. Both kids competed in higher weight classes and were still able to bring back silver medals. Curtis, who turned 14 on May 30, has been participating in wrestling in the Judo offseason and recently took fourth place at the California Tournament of Champions. He voluntarily went up one weight class to give himself a challenge before the upcoming Judo Nationals. He went 4-2 on his way to the silver medal in Fresno. ?Although I have not been able to practice much this season in Judo, I am very proud of my performance,? he said. ?I am looking forward to defend my Judo National title. I have a lot work ahead of me and will need to stay focused to accomplish my goal.? Ashley, 10, went 1-1 in a pool of three competitors. According to her father, Alan, she was uncontested in both the 28 and 31kg-weight class so she decided to move up two weight divisions to the 34kg (age 11-12) group. She took the silver despite giving up 14 pounds to the eventual winner. ?I was not about to just take a gold medal (in the lower weight classes) and not compete, am I just glad I was able to place giving up so much weight,? said the supremely confident Ashley, who has been filling her spare time playing soccer. Both Booths get out of school in less than a month ? Curtis from Sutter Middle School and Ashley from Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary. They will then begin focusing 100 percent of their athletic activity toward Judo in preparation for the USA Judo Nationals in Spokane, Wash. and the Junior Olympics in Dallas, Texas. Curtis is a three-time defending champion while Ashley has won the last two competitions at Nationals. ?I know that they are both looking forward to training on a regular basis,? said Alan. ?I?m really proud of them trying to get that work/life balance. It?s just their frame of mind to be natural competitors. It?s one of those things that?s like, ?Let?s just go face the competition.??