Bettencourt to earn $1,000 per day?

Reader input
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Re: “New school boss to get $22k raise,” Folsom Telegraph, April 28 How typical, isn’t it? Debbie Bettencourt got herself a raise with her new job as superintendent of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. She’ll be earning $221k for 225 days of work. She’s getting $1,000 a day so she can post on the district website things like, “the budget picture is mostly cloudy” and “students and parents worried about loss of services and opportunities.” But it is OK, she continues, “the economy has impacted everyone” and “money is not everything.” Really? Finally, she urges us to beg our legislators to tax us more so the schools can get their dues and tells us that, “Together we will get through this mess.” She concludes with, “I look forward to what I believe will ultimately be a groundswell of support for public education. People who care about children and our future will eventually demand better from our state.” I predict that it won’t happen, that the groundswell is for reining in public servants’ salaries and perks. What is the point on pouring more money into a broken system? So little of it goes to our kids, it does not matter! Contact your legislators and demand that they fix it before spending a dime on it. What do we have to lose? Bettencourt has joined the club of our education “elite” that must be paid an arm and a leg to honor us with their wisdom. And we are so lucky, said the school board last week in a guest column in The Telegraph. They could have wasted an extra $50k to recruit an outsider instead of promoting internally and they might not waste another $200k on a suddenly unnecessary post of vice superintendent. Could anyone try to enlighten me as to what a $1,000-a-day job is like? Could you tell me why these people deserve so much of our hard-earned money? Eric Chevreuil, Folsom