Barracudas swim by Sea Otters in Suburban Swim League showdown

By: Staff Report
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More than 600 Folsom youth swimmers ages 5 to 18 swam in the Suburban Swim League meet Saturday between the Broadstone Barracudas and Folsom Sea Otters at the Folsom Aquatic Center.

While the Sea Otters have been in the Suburban Swim League since 1988, Broadstone joined in 2002. The Sea Otters have owned the inner city rivalry, winning eight of the 12 swim meets, but Broadstone has turned the tables in recent history, winning the last three meets, including Saturday. The Broadstone girls won 248-141, while the Broadstone boys came away with a 252-137 win.

The Suburban Swim League places the importance of recreational swimming and participation above the element of competition. Though competition is an important element of a swim meet, the real winners are the individual swimmers who improved their times from the week before. Of all the participants, 311 lowered their best times, while 49 relay teams also lowered their previous best times.

Broadstone had an outstanding meet.

It was the Barracudas’ third straight win over the Sea Otters. In 2011 and in 2012, the Barracudas won by less than 40 points. This year, with strong performances in individual events and relays, the Barracudas earned the victory with a score of 508-281. The Barracudas are undefeated in the Suburban Swim League with a 3-0 record.

One of the main highlights for the Barracudas was the large number of personal best times for the swimmers. There were 285 improved individual times – 151 for the girls and 134 for the boys.

Cuda swimmers placed first in 43 of the individual races, earning five points each. Race winners included:


Lauren Rodenberg, 9-10 100 IM

Jordan Maestre, 9-10 100 IM

Megan Baker, 11-12 100 IM

Cole Huntley, 11-12 100 IM

Brittney Sanders, 13-14 100 IM

Paul Kozel, 15-18 100 IM

Avery Dean, 6 & under 25 free

Jack Huarte, 6 & under 25 free

Hannah Huarte, 7-8 25 free

Parker Gordon, 11-12 50 free

Ben Dillard, 11-12 50 free

Brittney Sanders, 13-14 50 free

Danielle Dun, 15-18 50 free

Patrick Tehaney, 15-18 50 free

Haley Wong, 7-8 50 free

Jackson Baker, 7-8 50 free

Lauren Rodenberg, 9-10 50 free

Jordan Maestre, 9-10 50 free

Megan Baker, 11-12 100 free

Cole Huntley, 11-12 100 free

Matt Dun, 13-14 100 free

Paul Kozel, 15-18 100 free

Avery Dean, 6 & under 25 back

Matthew Miller, 7-8 25 back

Parker Gordon, 11-12 50 back

Ben Dillard, 11-12 50 back

Madison Neil, 13-14 50 back

Matt Dun, 13-14 50 back

Patrick Tehaney, 15-18 100 back

Nina Lopes, 7-8 25 breast

Drew Dillard, 7-8 25 breast

Lauren Rodenberg, 9-10 25 breast

Ryan Pham, 9-10 25 breast

Parker Gordon, 11-12 50 breast

Ryan Carpenter, 11-12 50 breast

Brittney Sanders, 13-14 50 breast

Tyler Minney, 13-14 50 breast

Patrick Tehaney, 15-18 100 breast

Bayleigh Stockton, 9-10 25 fly

Jordan Maestre, 9-10 25 fly

Megan Baker, 11-12 50 fly

Ben Dillard, 11-12 50 fly

Paul Kozel, 15-18 50 fly


Swimmers who won three individual events were Lauren Rodenberg, Jordan Maestre, Ben Dillard, Megan Baker, Parker Gordon, Brittney Sanders, Patrick Tehaney and Paul Kozel. In 13 individual events, the Barracudas had first-second-third place finishes.

Barracudas relay teams broke two team records. In the boys’ 11-12 200 free relay, Thatcher Marshall, Cole Huntley, Kyle Lopes and Ben Dillard swam 1:57.27, breaking the old record of 1:59.27. In the men’s 15-18 200 free relay, Patrick Tehaney, Chris Kwon, Ryan Neil and Paul Kozel swam 1:37.39, passing the old record of 1:37.73.

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