Back on track

Caboose returns to Folsom Historic District
By: Olivia Cornell Telegraph Staff Writer
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A historic caboose, gone since March, has returned to its home in Folsom. The caboose, located on Wool Street next to the Chamber of Commerce, is part of the Folsom Railroad Museum at Pioneer Village. It was necessary for the caboose and the other rail cars to leave in order to make room for the new construction occurring in Historic Folsom. Now that the area where the caboose is located is complete it was able to return, said Bill Anderson, president of the Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento Historical Railroad Association. The rest of the rail cars will not be returning to Pioneer Village, according to Anderson. “Possibly our museum railroad car will return,” Anderson said. More than just railroad fans are happy about the return. “We’re real excited that it’s back but the big news is that other people are excited too,” said Cindy Thompson, receptionist at the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. “People have been coming in and asking about it.” The rail car won’t get much of a break, now that it’s home. “(The caboose) is open on weekends as a museum. Tourists and school groups come to learn more about the history of the railroads,” Anderson said. “We try to preserve history of the railroad.” The caboose was built in October 1942 and weighed 40 tons. It retired in February 1969 and was donated to Folsom in 1970. The purpose of the caboose was “to house the crew. It was a place for them to sleep or relax,” said Anderson. However, cabooses are no longer used, he said. “In the 1980s they stopped using cabooses for economic reasons,” Anderson said.