Attorney Joe Hoffman seeks seat on El Dorado County Superior Court

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Local attorney and Judge Pro Tem Joseph Hoffman today announced his candidacy for El Dorado County Superior Court Judge, Office 7. With broad legal and judicial experience spanning 17 years, Hoffman is endorsed by Superior Court judges, local attorneys and deputies, and citizens countywide. “Today, the values and financial resources of our courts are constantly being pressed,” said Hoffman. “I will apply the law as it is written, respect citizens’ constitutional rights, and make fair and timely rulings to help ease our congested judicial system.” Hoffman, 42, has handled hundreds of cases in El Dorado County since founding his private law practice in 1995. He has also served as Judge Pro Tem for the El Dorado County Superior Court since 2001, and as a private judge who is retained by both parties’ attorneys for faster decisions than the courts typically provide. “Joseph Hoffman knows our courts and has the legal background to handle the wide variety of cases our judges face every day,” said David Becker, a partner at the Placerville law firm of Becker Runkle Laurie Mahoney & Day. “He has consistently exhibited the decisiveness and fairness we need in our public courts, and will be an outstanding Superior Court judge for the citizens of El Dorado County.” ~ Staff report