Another point of view: Grateful mom happy to return to Folsom

By: Jolene Lavine
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I moved to Folsom with my 2-month-old baby girl, Jessica, in May of 2000. I grew up in Sacramento and knew that if I ever had children, I wanted to move to Folsom because I’d heard so many great things about the school system. For the first nine years of Jessica’s life, she and I saw many life changes. Divorce, second marriage, adoption by my second husband of Jesse, a new sister Jocelyn and pets that have come and gone. Folsom wasn’t always a perfect fit, as we leaned just a little bit more left, were a little bit more down-to-Earth and a little bit less affluent as much of the community. But it is a community and we built a beautiful life there. School, dance, gymnastics, swimming, piano, voice, Girl Scouts, parties, play dates, lunches and dinners with friends, community events, shopping trips which always result in seeing at least three people we knew, vacations, camping trips, and the list goes on and on. Yet as the housing market changed dramatically, Jesse was eager to buy our first home. Buying a home in Folsom was a bit out of our price range, but we found a cute little home on the border of Orangevale and Folsom and moved at the beginning of 2009. While the school district changed for our children that was about all that did. We still did our shopping in Folsom, attended Folsom events and tried to stay involved in the Folsom community as much as possible. We bought our home knowing it wasn’t our dream home and that we would move again in five to seven years. Our plan was to either return to Folsom or move north to Oregon, where my husband’s family lives. Then in 2010, our family was changed forever. Jessica, just shy of 10 years old, was involved in an accident at a barn in another town. Once this tragedy struck, it wasn’t our Orangevale community that helped us or Jessica’s Orangevale school that supported us. No, it was you, our Folsom community, who rose up, spread your wings and gathered yourselves around us to keep us from sinking. A dear friend created a group on a website that made care of Jesse and Jocelyn, our home and our pets as simple as pie. You cooked meals, cleaned our house, fed our pets, put our garbage cans out and even provided immediate daycare for Jocelyn. Jessica was showered with balloons, gifts and cards from her dance friends, our families, friends and what seemed like every Girl Scout troop in Folsom. 250 people filled the Community Center to support Jessica, the grand majority of them Folsom residents. The kids at Blanche Sprentz even organized a fundraiser for her, though she hadn’t attended that school for more than a year. We don’t know what we would have done without you. Now, due to the many changes in our lives since Jessica’s accident, we are in the position to move out of Orangevale. As it became more and more clear that this is what we would need to do, the discussion once again turned to Oregon vs. Folsom. It was a short discussion. While Oregon has been a dream for many years, at this point in the recovery of not just Jessica, but our entire family, Folsom was, in all reality, the only choice for us. You have shown us great friendship, love and a true sense of community that we are eager to join once again. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.