Ace in the hole

After several close calls, Folsom golfer finally scores first hole-in-one
By: Matt Long
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D.J. Christensen had come close to a hole-in-one several times in his short golf career, but always came up long or short or left or right or a combination of both. On Father’s Day, golfing with his dad, Dana, and friends John and Jackie Gabriel, Christensen, 18, approached the 17th hole at Sierra View Country Club in Roseville with the same determination as ever. Over the years he estimates he’s come within a couple inches of the ace 10 times. As it turns out, June 20 was his lucky day. Christensen pulled out his 6-iron on the par-3 ,168-yard slightly uphill hole and swung away. “I hit it really well and it was going right to the pin,” Christensen said. “I saw it land and then it took a hop and then I lost it. The pin was back in the shade and I couldn’t see the ball and thought it might have went off the green. “One of my playing partner’s said they thought it disappeared so I hopped in the cart and drove up there. I looked in the hole and my ball was there and I started jumping up and down and screaming and my dad was yelling. I think the whole course knew at that point that I got a hole-in-one.” Christensen, a recent graduate of Folsom High and member of Folsom High’s golf team that placed sixth in the state, finished his round with a 5-under-par 67. He said the plans are in the works for getting a plaque made to commemorate his accomplishment.