Our View: Deputy death a test of community’s resolve

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It’s more than a cliché these days to write about supporting your local law enforcement.

But it’s also a death-hardened fact of life that peace officers need that support now as much as they have ever needed it – maybe more so.

It’s a test of resolve for those doing good and those who support them.

Being a cop is a challenging, dangerous job that offers the reward of helping your fellow man and keeping a community safe.

Just how dangerous it can be hit home in shattering reality last Monday when two peace officers were ambushed in Rancho Cordova when they responded to a report of a disturbance at an auto parts store.

One deputy survived a hail of bullets. The other – 27-year-old Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Stasyuk, on assignment under contract with Rancho Cordova – did not.

Newly married and embarking on both a career and life in the Sacramento area, Stasyuk would die at an area hospital soon afterward. A suspect – Anton Lemon Moore – was subsequently arrested nearby.

The justice system will move the case forward and a potential for a death-penalty case is in the offing.

In some ways, the case is eerily similar to the shooting death nearly four years ago of Detective Mike Davis, Jr. of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. Peace officers were ambushed by a man on a quiet Auburn street and the killer – Luis Bracamontes – was sentenced to death this past year.

For the region, the death of Deputy Stasyuk – as it was with Mike Davis and Deputy Danny Oliver in October 2014 – echoes grimly and should only steel public support for the men and women patrolling our streets with our safety in mind.

Flags have been lowered this past week in tribute to the fallen deputy, but the law enforcement resolve on our behalf against the forces of evil should never be.

Simply put, we can’t let the bad guys win.

-Folsom Telegraph