Circus Vargas coming to Roseville

Acrobats, aerialists under big top
By: Staff Report
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Circus Vargas, an animal-free Big Top event, will perform at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville starting Sept. 29.

The circus will be in Roseville through Oct. 9. Circus Vargas is currently at the Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights until Sept.26.

The multi-generational, and family-operated, circus features performances by acrobats, aerialists and gymnasts. Circus Vargas does not include any animal acts.

This year Circus Vargas presents iLuminous – a high-energy presentation of special lighting effects, music and costumes which features a lineup of stuntmen performing under the blue and yellow big top, appearing to glow in the dark.

Circus organizers suggest arriving 45 minutes early for the interactive pre-show where children can join the circus. Stay for a post-show meet-and-greet with the stars. Included among the Circus Vargas acts are:

·      Yeromenko: a high-octane Ukrainian gymnastic team that makes dazzling leaps and spins from three horizontal bars 20-feet from the ground.

·      The Skating Torreblancas, a Chilean duo of roller skating artists where the brother propels in a circle while whipping his sister through the air in a series of life-threatening lifts, poses and swings.

·      Known as the “Justin Bieber of the circus world,” 21-year old Patrick Marinelli gained a rabid fan base after showing off his magic on “America’s Got Talent.” The fifth generation circus artist dons a light-up suit to perform on the electrifying Trampoline Wall before partnering with the elegant Nicolette Fornasari on a breathtaking aerial strap act.

·      The Osmani Trio combines dance and contortions in a display of strength and grace.

·      The comic antics of two brothers from Italy get laughs and make music. Steve Caveagna spins multiple diabolos (Chinese yo-yos) to incredible heights while the saxophone-playing Jones instigates pandemonium.

·      Wearing a Tron-like light-up costume, Vova whirls objects, such as a four-foot cube, through the dark.

·      A pair of glow-in-the-dark motorcycle daredevils drive around in a 16-foot Globe of Danger while avoiding a courageous beauty who stands in the center.

·      Direct from a royal command performance for Prince Albert of Monaco, the trapeze artists known as the Flying Tabares, sporting phosphorescent gear, fly with the speed and beauty of fireworks through a darkened tent.

·      Jon and Laura Weiss preside over the interactive pre-show where Jon, a former contestant on The Amazing Race, balances anything from a dollar bill to a 12-foot ladder on his chin.