Our View: Factual, upbeat and balanced news

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The Folsom Telegraph is your trusted weekly news resource in the heart of the great City of Folsom. In addition to covering the news and events that take place within this city, this newspaper includes coverage well into El Dorado Hills as well as select coverage for happenings that take place in Orangevale and the Highway 50 corridor towards Gold River and Rancho Cordova.

As your community newspaper, it’s our duty to bring you something you don’t get through other news resources such as social media, local television news and more. It’s on our pages that you will find those stories you won’t see in other places. While covering the “bad news” that happens in our area is routine for us, bringing you the unique feature stories, sports stories and news about your community is our specialty. We strive to always balance our pages with just as much or more positive news in the community as the bad.

Through recent years, the roles of a community newspaper have changed somewhat. In order to be relative and desired, successful publications such as this one have learned to adjust their focus of coverage. We have listened to our readers throughout the last two years and worked to bring them what they want.

Our efforts have garnered recognition not only from our readers and community leaders, but also from the California News Publishers Association (CNPA), who named the Telegraph a top five weekly newspaper in the state in overall excellence as well as numerous awards. Other readers speak of their love of their local paper nearly daily as well.

Oftentimes, however, there are those in the community that misunderstand the role of their community newspaper. All too often our staff and management receive requests from readers who want to speak out about a neighbor, community leader or attack a business they’re unhappy with.

This is where our professional staff works hard to insure this publication doesn’t become the print version of local social media chat pages and other resources where facts are often inaccurate. Instead of a disgruntled citizen addressing the party directly, it turns into nothing more than a negative review for the public to judge from.

While occasionally there will be that one news story that arises now and then of civil or public wrong doing, we will continue to use our precious pages of newsprint to bring you the factual stories that are based on reports, direct interviews and the professional protocol we follow each and every day.

As your community newspaper, please know we always welcome your story ideas and inquiries. If they are foreseen as inappropriate for our pages, we will always be willing to talk with you about that and explain the reasons, whether it’s due to legal risk or simply something we don’t feel our readers care to see while they enjoy their Folsom Telegraph with that fresh cup of coffee or over lunch every Thursday afternoon.

Readers, advertisers and distributors of this newspaper – we thank you for the decades of your support.

- The Folsom Telegraph