New sweet spot in the Historic District

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Folsom just got sweeter.

Sweet Dozen Cones, the newest addition to the Historic District, opened its doors on Monday. Let’s just say people were really excited because they had to close early from selling out of everything.

Co-owners April Lee and Jeremy Khamphay decided to branch out from the original Sweet Dozen shop, located on Madison Avenue, and bring something to Folsom that not many people have tried or even heard of before.

“This is a whole different concept than our sister store,” Khamphay said. “It’s a doughnut-type ice cream cone coated in cinnamon sugar or different toppings.”

Inside the cone you can either get soft serve gelato or have it filled with Nutella, peanut butter or cream cheese, he said.

“It’s a Hungarian-European-type dish,” Khamphay said. “It’s called ‘kürtőskalács,’ and this is our rendition of it. We’re trying to play with it and have fun.”

This treat is not only for people with a sweet tooth – there are also savory options. For the shop’s soft opening, their menu consists of strawberries ‘n’ cream, s’mores, that’s raz!, apple pie a la mode, as well as cereal ‘n’ milk, maple vanilla bacon and more. Lee said as they come closer to the grand opening, scheduled for Sept. 15, they will be adding more savory items such as ham and cheese, cheese and olives and more.

Along with their main product, they will be bringing some items they sell at their original store such as doissants, their version of a cronut, and their croissant poppers. The couple will also serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider and cold brews.

Khamphay said they chose to set up shop on Sutter Street because Folsom is a great area with a growing community and they thought it would be a fun area.

“The atmosphere we want our customers to experience is a fun, family-oriented space,” Khamphay said. “We want people to be able to enjoy the food and have a cool area to relax with family.”

Lee said she encourages people to come try their shop because it’s something unique and there isn’t really anything like it around this area.

“I think we’re one of the few places in the United States that has this and it is pretty awesome and exciting,” she said. “We loved it, so we’re hoping that our customers love it too.”

Sweet Dozen Cones is located at 807 Sutter Street and is open 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

For more information, call 916-358-9814, go to or their Instagram page at SweetDozen916.