Folsom A to Z: Eugene P. Kerr was Folsom’s first mayor

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Editor’s note: Folsom A to Z is an intermittent series in the Telegraph where readers can learn facts and history about Folsom. Each week, the Telegraph will select a landmark, place, historical figure and major historical event that start with the next letter of the alphabet. This week we continue with “K.”

  • Eugene P. Kerr was elected as the city’s first mayor in 1946 when the City of Folsom was incorporated.
  • With Kerr, the other four first Folsom City Council members were Leland Miller, Harry Patton, Wendell Van Winkle and Norbert Relvas.
  • Kerr served a six-year term on council and as mayor until his resignation on March 4, 1953.
  • During the meeting he announced his resignation, he said: “It is with the greatest reluctance that I take this action. I find that I do not have the time to devote to the city with its growing needs, carry on my work with the State of California, and pursue my personal affairs. Aside from that, I have been under doctor’s care for the past two months, and am advised that my resignation is obligatory. I take this opportunity to thank you, and the people of the City of Folsom for the confidence placed in me, and to assure you that I shall always look back on this association with a great deal of pride. I shall be glad to be of assistance in the future should the occasion arise.”
  • Kerr’s resignation was effective on March 31, 1953.
  • Leland J. Miller, former councilman, ex-judge and Folsom mortician was selected to fill Kerr’s seat. He was also favored as mayor.
  • Miller was originally elected to the first Folsom City Council in 1946, but resigned when he became justice of the peace.
  • Kerr Court was named in Kerr’s honor.