Mike Amaral’s California Beach Boys returning to Folsom

By: Telegraph Staff
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Mike Amaral’s California Beach Boys
Sept. 6
Stage One at The Harris Center for the Arts

The California Beach Boys played at the Folsom Community Center just before Harris Center was completed and now they are returning to Folsom to play on Stage one, Sept. 6.

Mike Amaral was born and raised in San Jose and became a musician in his youth. After playing with several bands, he started a band called Flashback in 1995. Having spent a lot of time surfing and body surfing around Santa Cruz, Amaral always wanted a Beach Boys band, so after an early retirement, he rounded up some other musicians, including a couple of cousins and formed Mike Amaral’s California Beach Boys Experience in 2007. 

“The one prerequisite I had is to find people who love Beach Boys music. Our goal was and still is to play for people who want to come experience this great music,” Amaral said.

He knew the challenges of doing Beach Boys music, which is why there are very few Beach Boys bands out there.

“It’s all about the music,” Amaral said. “Our goal has always been to replicate the music as well as a true concert experience of The Beach Boys, so the audience member doesn’t know if they’re in 1966 or 2016. In our minds, it doesn’t matter who is playing the music, rather how good it is; pleasing our audience members is what’s important. Actually there are very few bands touring today with their original members, including the Beach Boys, with one or two.”

Agent John Zurflueh of Starbright Entertainment met the band in 2011. 

“I first saw Mike’s band in concert at a winery and was very impressed with the way they sang and performed the Beach Boys music because it’s not easy. Having grown up with this music in the 60s, I have a pretty discriminating ear. They use authentic equipment, original Beach Boys outfits, bring plenty of energy, excitement and videos to the stage. Not only is each player the best at what they do, they are good people, each of whom is dedicated to making each other the best they can be. I really believe Mike and the band members have the same passion as the original Beach Boys had. I know this firsthand because I’ve witnessed the band grow by leaps and bounds. This is evidenced by the comments they receive after the concerts, many of which refer to the fact they replicate the originals to a tee! The band members each have an assignment after their weekly practice, so the following week they rehearse the song until it’s perfect – simply amazing dedication to getting the great music of the Beach Boys just right, which they have accomplished in a major way. I say Beach Boys because that’s what this band is about; all Beach Boys, all the time. The band has also added a new player which gives them a total of seven on stage and new dimension.”

This current lineup of members has played together for seven years and includes Music Director Scott Slaughter, who plays the keyboard and sings. Slaughter has worked alongside original Beach Boys Al Jardine and Brian Wilson as well as Neil Young, David Crosby, Glen Campbell and Steve Miller, where they worked on some albums together. Other band members are singers and guitar players Richard Schmidt, Dennis Buldo, David Brookings, Mike Henschke, along with drummer James Nobriga and lead singer Mike Amaral.