My new way of life

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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If you have been following my columns, you know that working out has really taken over my life.

I go to the gym five days a week, cardio, weights, the works. A few weeks back, I incorporated meal prepping again and I have really seen crazy results.

I have noticed the last two weeks I kind of lose myself at the gym and I end up spending two to two-and-a-half hours there. Every time I think, ‘Where did the time go,’ but I think I’m enjoying myself so much, I don’t even realize it.

Many don’t know this, but I was a part-time beertender for the last year at a place on Sutter Street. I poured beer and wine, and it was probably my favorite all-time job, other than this one. If you drink on Sutter Street, I have probably poured you a beer, and you didn’t even know it was me! Sneaky sneaky.

Sitting at a desk all day can be hard on my back and being in my own little corner of the office can be lonely sometimes. Standing up behind a bar for a few hours a week was so awesome to me because I was constantly chatting with people and making friends.

I recently put in my resignation and it was not an easy decision. While there were many reasons my time there was finished, including sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, ankle issues and general drama, the main reason I left was to focus more on my fitness progress.

Being behind the bar, I had to know what the beer tasted like and it also teased me a little to have a pint. I cut alcohol out of my diet a few months ago. Although, occasionally, I do have one or two over the weekend, I try to keep it to a strict minimum.

Beer makes me blow up and when I think about it, around the same time I started consuming a lot of beer is when I got fat. I tell people beer was my downfall three years ago, and it is true. Ever since I cut it out of my diet, I have noticed changes significantly physically and mentally.

I know my previous employer reads the Telegraph, slightly because I told him to…LOL; but I didn’t tell him why I was leaving, just that I was. It was not anything against the business; I just needed this for myself.

Lately, I have been working extra hard at the gym because my birthday is in two weeks. I’m going to Tahoe with a bunch of my friends and I want to be the hottest thing alive. It probably won’t happen, but I’m trying here!

A lot of people won’t care about working out and think my columns about this are dumb, but every time I write one, I get emails about how I inspired people to give it a try, and I love that! I have never been so happy about life until I really started to focus on being healthy. It’s weird for me because I love anything potatoes and cheese (and wine).

I hope through my columns I inspire people in different ways, but if not, please move along.

Rachel Zirin is the Reporter for the Folsom Telegraph and can be reached at