Rare ancient practice comes to Folsom

Witness the writing of a Torah Scroll
By: Telegraph Staff
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For more than 3,300 years, the Torah has been recorded accurately. Central to this amazing historical feat is the method that it has been transmitted throughout the ages: handwritten on parchment. Commissioned by the Chabad Jewish Community Center, witness an ordained scribe complete the final letters in an authentic Torah Scroll at 10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 12.

The community-wide educational event will include a hands-on demonstration of how a Torah scroll is crafted, the materials used, and the applicable techniques. Additional educational opportunities and interactive lessons – for children and adults – will be included. Participants will even be able to try their hand at writing with a feather-pen on parchment.

Even today, modern technology notwithstanding, the Jewish people continue to transcribe the Torah in this very same, age-old manner. The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life; it is read from regularly and completed annually, babies receive their Jewish name at the Torah and a Bar Mitzvah is celebrated at the Torah.

Despite years of upheaval and suffering, the Jewish people have preserved intact all 304,805 letters of the Torah. The words read in synagogues today are exactly the same words that were dictated by God to Moses. There is no greater testament to Jewish survival that the Torah, it directly links Jewish people today to 3,330 years of tradition.

The Sages have taught that each and every Jew has a letter in the Torah which corresponds to his or her soul and spiritual identity. Each and every letter is an essential part of the Torah, and if even one letter is cracked or missing the entire Torah scroll is not Kosher. So too, each and every Jew is of utmost importance and constitutes an essential and integral part of the Jewish people.

For this reason, the very last mitzvah given to the Jewish people is to write a Torah scroll. By joining this endeavor, and endowing a Torah portion or verse, or even a letter, for yourself, children or family, it is considered as if you have written your very own Torah scroll.

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