Letter to the Editor: SeaQuest not welcome

By: Sharon Howard, of Folsom
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Dear Editor,

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is not a welcome addition to Folsom. In all of their locations, they have a history of animal welfare abuse and lack of care. The newly-opened Colorado location has failed two state inspections in one month. The Oregon location employees state hundreds of animals have died. This is so awful to allow this kind of open abuse when the Folsom City Sanctuary Zoo takes in abused animals from places like this.
There are several questions to be addressed. Who inspects this business? Who is the veterinarian, and how often will they be on site? What safeguards are in place to protect the animals and people?  Who will monitor the daily actions? What happens to sick or dead animals? What happens if a disease spreads to humans? Why would anyone allow kids to have access to such delicate or exotic creatures to touch? The stress level for all the creatures will be immense, then add that to company employees say all the creatures are kept hungry so they eat the food sold in the location. How sad our wonderful city allowed this awful business in.

Sharon Howard