Has it been 15 years already?

By: Tom Rupp
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Fifteen years can feel like a huge chunk of time, or a blink of the eye, depending on your perspective. Looking forward, it seems to be quite the stretch. Looking backward, it seems to be like yesterday.

Our youngest grandson Mason is 6. Fifteen years ago, he did not exist. Fifteen years from now he will be 21 years old. In David Copperfield, Dickens spoke of “the ever augmenting sense of the dignity of 21.” Virginia Woolf called it ‘a devilish age.” At 21, Churchill said, “the desire of learning came upon me.”

Our oldest grandson Jack will be 28 in 15 years. At 28, Mozart wrote what he called “the best thing I ever wrote in my life.” Author Anne Sexton said that “until I was 28, I did not know that I had any creative depths.” By the way, Jack is now taller than his mother as he approaches 6 feet.

Then there is Katie, who will be 25 in 15 years. You can't be elected to the House of Representatives until you are at least 25. Lord Rothschild said that “brain weight peaks at about 25.” Degas said that “everyone has talent at 25; the difficulty is to have it at 50.” I’m stepping out on a ledge here and putting it in print, but she is my favorite granddaughter.

Fifteen years! A lot can happen in 15 years. Big movies 15 years ago include Finding Nemo, Elf, Cold Mountain, Lost in Translation, Big Fish and Seabiscuit.

Fifteen years ago, I was 43. In 15 years I will be 73. Wow. And that’s how it goes. The ride has begun and we are all on it, all strapped in, and there’s no getting off it, for today, for now.  

Of course the ulterior motive for this week’s theme is the fact that 15 years ago this week I sent in the first of what is now approximately 750 columns and counting, Lord willing.

It has been a fun ride so far. I truly appreciate those of you that I have been able to ride with for some of the way, on the way to heaven.

Forty-three years ago today, on July 26, 1975, when I was still 15, I wrote, “Time sure doesn’t wait for anyone, even me.” It remains true to this day, and going forward. I intend to continue living and continue writing. Thank you.

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph. You can reach him at