Letter to the Editor: Thank you Folsom Telegraph

By: David Wilson, Telegraph reader
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I just wanted to thank the Folsom Telegraph and reporter Rachel Zirin for the front page story on the Hinkle Creek in the June 15 Folsom Telegraph. I have been following this project in the media over the last few months and was in attendance to the meeting that night. First of all, I found it disgusting that many members of the Hinkle Creek opposition group chose to boo some of the speakers during the presentation and tell them to leave. Council meetings are a public forum and everyone has a right to speak whether they are for a topic or against it. It was very immature of these folks to act the way they did and especially in front of TV cameras; not how Folsom should be viewed for sure. I thoroughly enjoyed the follow-up article in your paper; it was neutral and it listed all the facts of this ongoing battle in detail. Thank you to the Folsom Telegraph for being the neutral voice in our community and not falling into the biased ranks of media like other area outlets have on this topic and others.