EDMT presents “SpyQuest: An Agent 006 1/2 Musical Comedy”

By: Christina Lee
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From July 6-15, EDMT’s “SpyQuest: An Agent 006 1/2 Musical Comedy” will bring action to the Harris Center in Folsom.

Full of laughs, spy devices and catchy musical performances, the show involves the schemes of an evil doctor and the teamwork of two junior agents.

“The entire family can have a really great time coming to see [the show] together. It’s absolutely hilarious,” said Artistic Director Debbie Wilson. “It’s just fun and crazy and very unlike anything else we’ve ever done.”

“SpyQuest” details the story of Dr. Viktor Malaprop as he develops an evil plot to control others with the HypnoTrance Device. Now it’s up to Agent 006 1/2 and Agent 008 1/2 to work together and defeat Dr. Malaprop.

“Audiences will take away the message that we are very special, each individual person. We can do great things together when we work together as a team,” said Kat Bahry, the choreographer.

Performer Andrew Neal said his favorite part of the show was the unpredictable storyline.

“I think what people will enjoy most are the sly, funny jokes sprinkled throughout the entire show,” Neal said.

The show wouldn’t be complete without visual elements that compliment the theme of heroes and villains.

“The visual style we’re going towards is the comic books,” Wilson said. “Our costume designer, Karen McConnell, is taking that point of view, and [the costumes] are really over the top.”

Daphne Huegel, who plays Major Suesei, praised the visuals created by the projection designer, Zach Wilson.

“The projections are bright, artistic, and [they] add such an exciting visual element to the show,” she said.

“SpyQuest” first premiered in 2007, created as a Rising Stars Production for EDMT.

“What makes this show different than others is that it’s an original show - book, music and lyrics - written specifically for EDMT,” said Vocal Ddirector Justin Harvey.

As a Rising Stars Production, “SpyQuest” features younger members and their talents. Other Rising Stars shows include “Cinderella,” “Disney’s Mulan Jr.,” “Disney’s Jungle Book” and  “Willy Wonka Jr.”

“Our Rising Stars shows are always so fun because it gives our younger performers, age six through 14, great opportunities,” said EDMT’s Spokeswoman Jadie Huegel. “They are fearless, and it’s exciting to see them grow so much over the course of a show.”

The award-winning El Dorado Musical Theatre was founded in 2001 as a non-profit arts education organization for performers aged five to 22 years old. The Harris Center for the Arts features EDMT’s major productions. EDMT’s next show, “Peter Pan,” will run Nov. 8 through Nov. 19. Other upcoming productions include “Disney’s The Little Mermaid,” “West Side Story” and “Annie.”

To purchase tickets, go to or call the Harris Center Ticket Office at 916-608-6888.

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