Saturday’s parade is Sutter Street’s time to shine

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Saturday morning is a very special day for the Folsom Historic District. For the first time in decades, the community will have the opportunity to enjoy a hometown parade with all its patriotic fanfare right in the heart of the city where it all began, Sutter Street.

While this event is a wonderful addition of things to do in the Folsom community, it provides a golden opportunity for Folsom’s Historic District to truly shine. Crowds are expected to line the street prior to the start of the parade which is 9:30 a.m. Being this event hasn’t taken place in many, many years, the exact size of that crowd remains unknown. Regardless of the turnout, it is surely going to be substantial with all of the pre-publicity this event has gotten. The Folsom Telegraph alone has been advertising the event for a month and that equates to 24,000 readers each week alone. This doesn’t include all of the banners, signs and advertisements throughout the city that the district has worked hard to produce.

With a significant crowd coming to town for what will be an iconic event, this is the premier opportunity for the businesses on Sutter Street to shine. It’s no secret that the merchants on historic Sutter Street are constantly looking for new ways to being new eyes to their stores, especially families and tourism right along with locals.

Saturday, our local merchants couldn’t ask for a better public relations tool than an event of this caliber. It will bring crowds to their front doors. The one investment each merchant will have to make is to simply make sure those doors are open. Regardless of what a local business’ regular hours are, Saturday will be the one day every merchant on this great street will want to be open for all to see, because when that parade ends, those who have made the trip will surely enjoy this special street in our city and the merchants that make it special.

When it’s all said and done, we cannot count the actual dollars that come in these businesses on this day for the simple fact that, first impressions are everything. Even if visitors window shop and don’t spend a dime, they will remember what they experienced and they will want to come back. As merchants and stewards of the community, let’s all work together to make sure our open signs are out early Saturday morning to take advantage of this very special event. Thank you to the management of the Folsom Historic District and all of the many volunteers that have worked hard to make this event happen in our community.  - The Folsom Telegraph