And just like that...

By: Tom Rupp
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And just like that, half of 2018 is gone. Anyone surprised about that? Didn’t think so. Here comes the big week for America (July Fourth) and for Folsom (Pro Rodeo).

It is a local bucket list item to attend at least one rodeo. We have scratched both the cattle run and the rodeo off of the list. Of course, Folsom hosts so many various events to keep you busy.

In addition, the Harris Center hosts many different shows throughout the year. Been there, done that, several times, and hope for several more times in the future.

When I first moved here, I was turned off by what seemed to be a lot of “shiny happy people,” mostly all focused on their appearance and status, as well as your opinion of them.

Over time, that feeling has been tempered by time and experience, and reality. “We see things as we are, not as they are.” It was a culture shock and a financial shock to move here from North Carolina. That took a few years to adjust to.

And just like that, 19 years have gone by. Remember the days when you could drive on top of the Folsom Dam (2001)? Remember when there was pretty much nothing from Broadstone to Highway 50 on E. Bidwell Street (2000)?

Remember Borders Book Store (2000-2011)? Remember when the light rail finally extended to Folsom (2005)? Remember when Lakeside Church was an empty lot (2001)? Remember when Sutter Street had a tree-lined median?

Remember when everything south of Highway 50 was empty land (last summer)?

This reminds me of the joke of how a man survived the great Johnstown flood and, having died and gone to heaven, was slated to speak to the heavenly multitudes about it.

As he prepared to speak, someone whispered to him, “I thought you might like to know, Noah is in the audience.”

All of these “remembers” only go back 20 years. From time-to-time, I meet someone who remembers Folsom in 1980 or 1960. Now THAT was a different town.

Remember 52,000 residents (2000)? It is well more than 70,000 now. We march forward into our future.

And just like that this column is done. It has been a wild and strange year for me so far. I wonder what the next six months hold. Well, as I always like to say, “On to the next adventure.”

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph. You can reach him at