Folsom Theatre Company presents “Into the Woods”

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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“Into the Woods”

2 p.m. & & p.m. June 28-30

Cordova High School Performing Arts Center

Tickets: Matinee - $10; Evening - $16


Folsom’s newest theater company, Folsom Theatre Company, is starting with a bang and much success.

Not only is this local youth theater company putting on their first theatrical production this weekend, June 28 through June 30, they were also voted Best New Business by Folsom Telegraph readers in the 2018 Best of the Best contest.

CEO and Founder Tracy Rodriguez began Folsom Theatre Company in August of 2017 to offer more theater opportunities for the local youth. “Into the Woods” is the first production the theater company will be performing and is set to hit the stage at the end of June.

Consisting of 50 performers, ages five to 18 years old, “Into the Woods” is a culmination of various Disney shows into one. Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and more will be characters viewers will see throughout the production.

Rodriguez said a family will be going on a hunt into a forest to find ingredients to fulfill a potion for a witch.

“This production will be a little lighter than some of the ‘Into the Woods’ productions that are out there,” she said. “We are taking a more whimsical approach.”

Auditions took place back in February and the new theater company has moved quickly to get this show on the stage. With sets made by an award-winning set designer and 158 over-the-top customers, Rodriguez said her saying is, ‘Go big or go home.’

“I cannot wait to see all of this come together,” she said. “I had my hands in costuming, lighting, set design, you name it. This is my directorial debut, and in my opinion, it is going to be spectacular! Seeing the show on stage for the first time will be exciting. I think people are going to be thoroughly impressed with what we are bringing to the table the first time around.”

Rodriguez said a highlight throughout the production process has been introducing the love of theater to so many children who have never seen it before.

“Seeing their reaction to it and how they have fallen in love with in has been one of my favorite parts,” she said.

Rodriguez said they are still looking for some sponsors to keep them going strong and if anyone is interested in supporting local youth theater, to go to their website.

She said they are working on a new campaign called “Pledge 20.”

“This campaign is pledging to keep our ticket prices under $20,” she said. “People can donate to Folsom Theatre Company to help keep ticket prices down.”

Rodriguez said they are also looking for volunteers with a passion for theatre. Those interested can go their website to sign up.

The Folsom Theatre Company’s next production will be Annie this fall.

“We are really excited to be a part of the Folsom community, and the fact that there is such a love for the arts in this community has been an honor and a joy to experience this with the youth of our community,” Rodriguez said.