Getting to know Doug Casebier

By: Rachel Zirin
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For the last 20 years, if you were to open up any fitness magazine, you were likely to see one of Doug Casebier’s fitness models.

Casebier is a personal trainer, motivational speaker and is in the process of writing his first book. He works at Urban Spawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills and works with his clients to help them achieve their desired results.

“I was graduating from high school and I had some scholarships for sports, but I got injured, so I jumped into fitness and training right away,” Casebier said. “I got into body building and training and we just kept winning. From there I went onto working with fitness models. I never got to play sports at the end of the day and I started just taking care of athletes instead.”

Casebier loves working with local people, he said. A lot of the time when people go into a gym, they are only able to lose about five pounds, but his clients are able to get exceptional results, he said.

“What makes me successful is that my curls, they are the same as anyone’s curls,” Casebier said. “The difference is that I am completely present throughout the process. I like to get to know people and it doesn’t matter who they are, you just have to get to know them. Everyone is the same, and all that matters is what is inside and people tend to forget that.”

Casebier said he’s good a reading people and figuring out what they need just from getting to know them.

“People come in and they say they want to lose 20 pounds,” he said. “So, I sit down with them and figure out what they (think) they really need, and most of the time, it isn’t what they need at all.”

Casebier has gotten to the point in his career that he can choose his clients, he said.

“Every hour someone comes in for their session, I look forward to it,” he said. “I love what I do. More than anything, being a personal trainer is fun, and it has its rewards.”

One thing that Casebier says is that it isn’t his way or the highway. Your workout is yours.

“People like to have people tell them what to do instead of taking leadership of their own,” Casebier said. “I am not into your goals more than you are.”

Casebier has, and will do, just about anything when it comes to fitness. He provides nutrition, conditioning, weight loss, toning, athletic training and group training in the mornings. Whatever is needed, he will do, he said.

“I really do feel that people have forgotten what it is to be fit and what fitness is,” he said. “There are all these supplements and pills out there and everyone tries to follow what they see online. They are constantly trying to find the new thing, but there is no new thing. Fitness is the same. Bodies are the same as they were a long time ago. We have the same muscles, bones, skin and hair.”

Casebier believes that a lot of people are being misled, he said. At the end of the day, it is all about what you put in your mouth to eat and people tend to over train and way over eat or way under eat, he said.

“For me, at the end of the day, my heart is in motivational speaking, MMAGold and my moms and dads,” he said. “Every morning at 5 a.m., I sit at Starbucks and write my own motivational quotes and post them on my Instagram page.”

To follow Casebier on Instagram, is username is @inspiration_2_motivation. His quotes are very uplifting and can help keep you going whether it be your fitness journey, or just life.