Work group asks for community support

By: Fred Kindel, Hinkle Creek Work Group
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The City Council meets Tuesday June 13, to consider approval of the sewer department proposal for sewer maintenance road/vactor truck access costing $1 million and destroy trees of Hinkle Creek Nature Area – serving only 28 homes. Council promised to protect these trees. The Hinkle Creek Work Group applauds council promises for Hinkle Creek trees. We offer alternative a Plan B to maintain sewer, no road and fulfill council promises to save the trees: use construction equipment trail to repair sewer and restore to natural condition; use hand lines to camera inspect and flush sewer more than once in five years; install “smart covers” at some manholes for wireless early warning of blockages; clear blockages by high pressure flushing and remove minor solids with industry standard debris basket. Folsom residents: ask council to fulfill promises and preserve Hinkle Creek trees. Come Tuesday – support Plan B – save Hinkle Creek trees.

Fred Kindel, Hinkle Creek Work Group