Summer in Folsom

By: Karen Holmes
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Bouncing from perfect spring weather to a little flicker of summer, then back to perfect spring weather to another flicker of summer. As I write this it’s raining and cool, yet there are 90s predicted for the weekend. It’s been a terrific spring. At Karen’s Bakery and Café, we love spring as it brings in so many great kinds of produce – peas, favas, strawberries, green garlic and perfect baby lettuces. As of this writing we haven’t even seen the bulk of the cherry crop yet, which many say is going to be a bonanza. Hooray. Proving that good things come to those who wait, I’m looking forward to big bowls of iced cherries to savor spring for as long as I can. Our Saturday Farmer’s Market should be in all it’s spring glory right now – yum!

Graduations are happening (my niece graduated); weddings are happening (I’m invited to two!); more signs of spring, harbingers of optimism and possibilities – just my kind of events.

The Historic District is also showing lots of optimism – lots of things in the works. Have you seen the new flags all over the district? Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the rodeo are all such bright times in the district.

The Summer Concert Series started on June 1, and features a band in the amphitheater every Thursday night, 7:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. through the end of July. Bring your friends, a chair and a picnic. All the concerts are free!

The 3rd Annual Powerfest: Taps and Tunes, will be on June 10, at the Historic Powerhouse on Riley Street. The Powerhouse is on state park land and has a full museum with exhibits and interactive displays. What a fun way to spend an evening. Did you know that Folsom was one of the first powerhouses in the country to run electricity over a considerable distance? In this case, the distance was 22 miles, running to light up downtown Sacramento in 1895! The Historic Powerhouse (not to be confused with the Powerhouse Pub – which is where you should go after this event) will host an event with The Straight Shooter Band, food trucks and craft beer tastings. It’s a giant outdoor party by the river, all for a great cause, right here in Folsom!

At the end of this month, the preparations for the Folsom Rodeo will be in full swing. How lucky are we that this event is right here in our city? Pro Rodeo! What a great way to ring in the 4th of July.

Never a dull moment…so much is happening in the district!

Karen Holmes is the owner of Karen’s Bakery and Café as well as the president of the Folsom Historic District Association.