Obstacle course training offered

Fleet Feet teams with CrossFit Anywhere to tackle Spartan Race, Battlefrog challenges
By: Nick Pecoraro for the Telegraph
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With the popularity of Spartan Race, Battlefrog Series and various other muddy obstacle course races hitting stride, a new training program is entering local venues to help prepare would-be participants for these intense races.

Fleet Feet Sports in Folsom is teaming up with CrossFit Anywhere to put together an eight-week program specializing in the type of obstacle course training one would see out in the mud during a Spartan Race.

Dan Napieralski, 31, Training Manager at Fleet Feet Sports in Folsom for the last 14 years, recently discovered the void and need for such a training program.

“We get a lot of people coming into the store who are buying shoes or gear that ask questions about doing these races. We did some research and there are not a lot of training programs for obstacle races,” said Napieralski, who has a track and field background through his collegiate years.

“We have an employee who took the lead on it, developed a program that features endurance, strength and the skills you’d need for these courses.”

Napieralski said that if you’ve never competed in these types of races but have always been curious, then you are to whom this program speaks. Entrants who’ve already signed up for the program range from a few in their twenties to mostly people aged 30-50.

“We have a lot of customers who either only do running or only do CrossFit but not both,” said Napieralski. “We’re looking for the people who are interested but maybe a little scared to do show them how to properly climb a rope or flip a tire and really build up that confidence.”

Helping out on the strength aspects will be Blair Morrison, owner of CrossFit Anywhere, and his team of coaches.

Out of 162 stores nationwide, the Folsom location is the first Fleet Feet store to administer such a program for obstacle course training.

The program begins on May 22 and runs through July 16, just before the Spartan Race Super in San Francisco. According to Napieralski, the sign-up list will be capped at 50 trainees. This way, participants can be part of a big enough group setting but still be able to receive proper individual coaching.

“We want to be welcoming to people on their journey into obstacle course training and motivate them to complete the race,” said Napieralski. “We’re really excited and looking forward to it.”

To register for the training program, visit for more information.