Information comes with the job

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Whenever I am around friends, community leaders or just random people, I usually get asked, “So what is happening in the news this week?” People probably think this is a great conversation starter and it is, but nine times out of 10 when I am asked this, I blank and say, “Hmm..I don’t know.” How silly is that? I work in the news industry, and my answer is that I have no idea.

The truth is, I do know what is going on, and usually, I know way too much. I am a chatty person and sometimes it can be a bad thing when I know information I either haven’t published yet, or can’t publish at all.

I attend basically all things Folsom such as community/city events and council meetings. I watch commission meetings online because there are so many of them during times I can’t attend. I read up on and study Folsom history. I am friendly with Folsom’s police and fire departments. I interact with local business owners for our magazine features. There’s so much more, but I would fill up the paper.

I feel like a human information box.

Typically, if you don’t catch me off-guard with a very broad question, I can usually tell you specific factual information because I have more than likely written an article about it. You want to know what time a specific business opens? I know it. You want to know about water in Folsom? I can tell you, but it’ll take a while. You want to know traffic statistics? Sure. How about who some of the streets in Folsom are named after? I got you.

I can remember every article I have done, every person I have interviewed and how to spell their name – some are not easy. Writing the paper has been very helpful in my spelling department because now after transcribing the crime log for almost two years, I know how to spell methamphetamine and boulevard without getting the little red squiggly line. I am very proud of that, thank you.

Sometimes I can’t figure out how I store all this information, yet can’t answer a simple question like “What’s going on in the news this week?” You would think it would be easy!