Letter to the Editor: Why not 'South Folsom Parkway?'

By: Pete Tumminelli, of Folsom
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Dear Editor,

Smart move by the City Council in renaming Scott Road East Bidwell Street. Now here's a potentially smarter move: rename Oak Avenue Parkway and call it "South Folsom Parkway." It only makes sense.  Why have two Oak Avenue Parkways that are separated by the American River? Years ago, they were supposed to connect by bridge, but that's another story buried in Folsom's shady political past. Imagine a new resident of Folsom or a FEDEX driver using a GPS to navigate around Folsom. If he made a turn off of Folsom Auburn Road onto Oak Avenue Parkway and followed it down the street, he would drive right off a cliff into the river. It does not make sense to have two Oak Avenue Parkways; and it makes all the sense in the world to rename the South section South Folsom Parkway, or any other name for that matter.