Newly promoted police chief swears in

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Folsom’s new police chief, Rick Hillman, was sworn in Monday, May 14, in front of family, friends, co-workers and the Folsom community.

The swearing-in ceremony had kind words from Mayor Steve Miklos, City Manager Evert Palmer, as well as comments from the man of the hour.

Miklos mentioned how he has known Hillman for a long time, and in fact, Hillman was Miklos’ first Folsom Police Department ride-along when Miklos joined the Folsom City Council.

“This is a special family within the City of Folsom. It’s really nice to see people you’ve known long in the department rise through the ranks and dedicate themselves not only to their career, but, I feel most importantly, to the community they serve, and in this case with Chief Hillman, the community him and his family live in,” Miklos said. “I couldn’t think of a better leader in the City of Folsom, today, than Chief Rick Hillman.”

Palmer thanked Hillman for stepping up to the challenge of police chief.

“I am very proud of the way the Folsom community embraces this Folsom Police Department in the way that it does. I am especially grateful that the talent to lead the Folsom Police Department into the future came from right here in its ranks,” Palmer said. “Rick is an exceptional leader who’s served the community with distinction. He’s a dedicated family man; he’s a tireless supporter of the Folsom community; and a relentless pursuer of criminals, which is very important to me, to this community, and our mission.”

Following their comments, Hillman was pinned by his wife, Diana, and son, Adam.

Hillman began addressing the audience by thanking everyone for their support. Former Folsom Police Chief Cynthia Renaud was in the audience, and Hillman thanked her for mentoring him and preparing him through the years.

“When I joined this department, I was taught to provide the best police services to this community and in return the community would provide strong support for this police department,” Hillman said. “Our city and department has grown a lot since then. We have added great programs, such as our citizens assisting public safety (CAPS), our chaplaincy program, our police foundation and the explorer unit. What was true when I started remains true here today. The personnel of the Folsom Police Department genuinely care about providing the best possible police services to the Folsom community,  and in return, the community strongly supports the department.”

During his speech he said he has had the privilege of serving alongside members of the Folsom Police Department for the past 23 years and is honored to serve as the chief of police.

“I enjoy coming to work everyday because of all of you,” he said to his colleagues in the audience. “Let me just say to the men and women of the Folsom Police Department, I promise to be fair and consistent as your chief, and I promise to lead you. I expect you to tell me that something needs change and to understand that things are not going to go the way you want them to. My door is always open and you are always welcome.”