Get well with Revolutions Naturopathic

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Opened originally in 2008, Revolutions Naturopathic has been built on the mission of improving the quality of life using naturopathic techniques.

Owner Dr. Michele Raithel, ND, started studying western medicine with the idea of using herbs for medicine until she found out there were fully-accredited curriculums for naturopathic doctors.

Raithel decided to open her own business when she learned there weren’t many job opportunities available in her line of work and she wanted to help create more.

Revolutions Naturopathic not only helps patients feeling ill to feel better, but also helps healthy patients feel excellent.

The locally-owned business offers many services including biomedical treatment, botanical medicine, detoxification, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition and supplementation and more.

Raithel described a scenario with using cortisone injections for pain relief:

“Most people are familiar with cortisone injections and they are great if the only issue is inflammation. Any time you inject something into issue, it has to make space for itself. Injecting cortisone into a damaged rotator cuff, it essentially creates a little more damage to make space for itself, and then it shuts down the inflammatory process. That is how you get pain relief. The problem is you get pain relief the first time, if you are lucky, for four to six months and then the pain comes back. You get it injected again creating more damage which means there is more inflammation to deal with so it will only last one to two months. We repeat this process until there is so much damage that the cortisone doesn’t work anymore and then your orthopedic surgeon says ‘It is time to cut.’ When we do the inject therapies here, we can do everything from taking your blood, concentrating the growth factors down and using a size transducer ultrasound. This ultra sound allows you to see about an inch enlarged on the screen. This way I can be very precise and only inject into the area that is damaged. When we do this, it fills the little area like glue and it is essentially stitched up.”

This scenario is just one of many that can help prevent patients with pain and other chronic diseases from becoming immune to treatments.

Raithel specializes in pain management and chronic diseases.

“I specialize in the weird,” she said. “When I say I specialize in the weird, I mean there are some people who don’t fit in the western medicine box. There are patients who have had the blood work and the tests and the tests come out normal, but they still aren’t feeling well. There is something wrong and it isn’t in their head.”

The Folsom business does extremely in-depth testing to ensure that even the slightest issue is caught and then able to be treated.

Dr. Magda Peronel, ND, and Dr. Arsallan Ahmad, ND, are just two of seven naturopathic doctors who work at Revolutions Naturopathic.

Peronel has been practicing alongside Raithel since November 2015 and said the atmosphere is relaxed, organized and very welcoming for a doctor’s office.

“Hearing my patients say they are feeling better because of a treatment you did, it is really satisfying,” she said. “I am a good listener and I am willing to go the extra mile for my patients to get them healthy.”

Peronel is new to California and she said so far it has been a good experience.

Ahmad recently started working at Revolutions Naturopathic in January. He said he came from a western medicine background and learned he wasn’t interesting in treating his patients with pharmaceutical drugs.

“I want my patients to reach an optimum health and I found this practice is much more open with options,” he said. “My favorite thing about what I do is being able to open up patients' eyes to other ways of getting treatment and some of the things can be so simple that people don’t even think about.”

Revolutions Naturopathic gives patients that primary care clinic type of feel. You walk in and you get your vitals taken, blood drawn, processed and sent out; or you come in and meet with your doctor and instead of getting five minutes with them, you get the amount of time you need.

“We have multiple people with a hand on a patient so we can be an all-encompassing one-stop-shop where all the services you need are in one place,” Raithel said. “We make sure you walk out the door with a full understanding of your body. It is more of a team effort instead of a doctor telling you what to do.”

Raithel said her favorite thing about her business is providing all the tools for her doctors to the point where they are unlimited by anything, she said.

“Another thing is when patients of mine were told there was nothing that could be done with western medicine,” Raithel said, “and then they come here and they are smiling and laughing and happy, and their lives are turned around. We fill a gap for those people and give them a choice other than being in a box. I really love my job.”

Raithel and her husband and co-owner Justin decided to open a Roseville location for patients who have to travel far to come to Folsom. When their second location opens, there will be six doctors present to help with your needs and make sure you are at an optimum health.

For more information about Revolutions Naturopathic, go to or call 916-351-WELL (9355).