Amgen, Bike Month good for Folsom

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If you have paid even the slightest amount of attention to this week’s edition of the Folsom Telegraph, you sure know two things, it is May and it is Bike Month in the Sacramento region.

When it comes to Bike Month, Folsom shines bright. We are in a city that has more than 30 miles of Class I bike trails. That doesn’t even count the numerous off-road trails and the many generous bike lanes that our streets feature upon them.

While our amenities may take the cake in Folsom, there is something even bigger that puts Folsom on the map when it comes to world-class cycling. That, of course, is the Amgen Tour of California. Beginning in Long Beach on May 13 and ending in Sacramento on May 19, Amgen will touch down in Folsom on May 18.

While this tour brings notoriety to the city, it brings much more with it in the way of tourism and imported tax dollars through the tourism it brings. This year, Amgen rolls into town the same week as the Hangtown Motocross. Undoubtedly, the City of Folsom will do well in the form of tourism for our area.

Undoubtedly the high-profile events like Amgen will bring its share of traffic snafus and congestion, surely enough to prompt a handful of naysayers to express their frustration behind a keyboard on one of the many community chat pages. However, a little traffic congestion on a Friday morning in May is well worth what this event will bring to the community.

Not only will every hotel in the city be packed, expect every restaurant, pub and wine bar to have a big boost in business during this visit as well. Retailers who are on top of their game will likely be offering many specials surrounding the event that visitors and locals alike can take advantage of.

Cycling fan or not, the Amgen Tour of California is a sight to behold. The equipment and the rigs that roll into town are breathtaking. The amount of staff and volunteers that set up and take down all equipment, signage and hospitalities is a story in itself.

This year, Folsom’s famed Johnny Cash Trail will be a big part of the Amgen Tour. Riders will roll out for Stage 6 using a section of the trail as they depart to begin their trek to El Dorado County. This is such an honor for Folsom to have worldwide exposure of the great city we live in with amazing cycling amenities. While the event will be nationally televised, this newspaper strongly suggests you come out and see this spectacle for yourself with your family, friends and neighbors. Watch for additional pre-coverage of Amgen’s trek into Folsom in next week’s Telegraph as well.

-The Folsom Telegraph