Community collaboration at its best

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On April 11, the Folsom Chamber of Commerce presented its first workshop for what is being unofficially called “The River District” in Folsom.

This event was collaboration at its best. While nothing has been officially proposed or set in stone as to Folsom’s future plans for its river frontage, holding a community workshop far in advance of any such plans is genius.

All too often we have heard and read comments from the community regarding new developments. Oftentimes the context of such dialogue accuses the community leaders of not giving the public enough ample notice and opportunity to provide their input before an idea is put to paper and then to a ballot.

Thanks to the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, the public is having their opportunity to chime in. While some are in support of this possible project, others are not. With three different workshops open to the public, the public has no excuse to not get involved. 

The Folsom Telegraph works closely with our city leaders and our chamber. The one thing we encourage the most is for residents to get involved and voice their ideas, their concerns and share their thoughts in a public forum. Attending a workshop such as these in person or public meetings such as city council, the planning commission and others is far more productive than airing your thoughts on social media, letters to the editors and other platforms that often become a collection of rants or problems without a solution.

In this first of three meetings, the presentation was followed by members of the community breaking into groups to discuss what they would like to see in their community. Many expressed concerns, others excitement and ideas. Regardless of how these attendees felt, they came together as a community to gather information that can be presented to our city prior to any future plans. In today’s day and age, such collaboration is refreshing to see; it’s the true form of social sharing, gathering with neighbors face to face to make a difference.

As more workshops are scheduled, the Folsom Telegraph will surely share the dates, times and locations so you can be a part of your community’s future, whether you want change or things left alone, we encourage you to speak up, in person to one of or more of these events.

-The Folsom Telegraph.