Grant to open constituent office in VA facility if elected

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Andrew Grant, Republican candidate for Congress and Marine Corps veteran, announced his plan to open an office in the Sacramento County Veterans’ Affairs Office (VA) if he is elected to serve the 7th congressional district. This office would help serve more than 80,000 veterans who call Sacramento home.

The Folsom resident, who served nine years in the Marine Corps, said he remains faithful to serving veterans and members of the armed forces. He said ensuring that veterans receive the assistance that they have earned is an extension of honoring their service.

“I give credit to Congressman and fellow veteran, Brian Mast, for leading the way on this initiative in his own district,” Grant said. “One of the most important social responsibilities of our federal government is veterans’ care and as a veteran, I will make it a priority if I am elected. The VA continuously fails to fulfill its promise of supporting those who have served their country. Establishing a permanent presence for local veterans inside the VA will allow me to be directly involved and more accountable to fix the VA’s shortcomings, which our current representative in Congress has failed to address. I won’t fail our veterans.” 

Last month, Congressman Brian Mast of Florida, an Iraq War veteran and amputee, announced he would be the first member of Congress to open an office in his local VA facility.

When asked what he plans to do specifically to improve the VA, he listed off three items.

“A few items stand out: one, continue to improve patient appointment scheduling and payment delays, which remain despite the attention received; two, facilitate the most optimal patient-centric VA center/private provider care offering; and three, monitor closely VA’s provider care metrics, understanding that some VA’s are denying patient care to avoid negative grading,” he said.

Grant is the former CEO of the Northern California World Trade Center, promoting expanded trade in the region. Grant is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a Marine Corps combat veteran, where he served as an intelligence officer and reconnaissance commander. He completed tours in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and across Europe fighting alongside Special Forces units against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and protecting Albanian citizens in Kosovo. He served on the staff of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and finished his uniformed service with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s North Korea analysis group.

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