Letter to the Editor; Trump Mania

By: Darwin Throne, El Dorado Hills
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Trump Mania has swept the nation. Many reporters question Trump’s legitimacy, predicting the end of life as we know it. We are hardly looking at a world that existed on December 7, 1941. Are we so dependent on the government that our citizens and states cannot function unless they are feeding at the public trough?

Consider the Golden Age of Obama:

  • The national debt doubled to $20 trillion
  • The ACA passed without a single Republican vote. Amendments were offered that might have fixed problems that are sinking the plan.
  • Dodd-Frank doubled banking regulations compared to 1980, crushing lending to smaller businesses.
  • The EPA passes law, enforces it and adjudicates it. This is unconstitutional. It doesn’t just implement laws; it has a new system called “sue and settle” that forces us to comply with its edicts.

What are we if we don’t operate under laws passed by our “elected” Congress, enforced by our executive and deemed constitutional by our Supreme Court? We become a banana republic.

Hugo Chavez destroyed Venezuela in 14 years with his Bolivarian Revolution. Does this sound familiar? It should, because Bernie Sanders is peddling the same ideas.

Businesses are more optimistic than in recent history. It is probably premature, but it provides insight into their psyche. Why would you be optimistic under the most business unfriendly administration in modern history? Trump has offered relief through regulatory reform.

California is dysfunctional. Our government wants to spend billions on a high-speed train, but can’t fix the Oroville dam. But what the heck, the federal government can pay for it with borrowed money.

Who creates wealth?

Excessive regulation, a restrictive financial system and too many state mandated employee benefits will kill the businesses that create our wealth.

We need to wake up and roll back federal government expansion so we can run our own lives. This is what Trump plans to do. Life as we know it will not end.