Letter to the Editor: We are Moms on the Left

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Recently, there have been reports in the news about resistance to the Trump administration. We are surprised by the portrayal of the dissenters, and would like to offer a different perspective.

“We” are a progressive organization called Moms on the Left. We have 2200 members from all over the greater Sacramento area. We are moms, dads, and grandparents; we are teachers, doctors, firefighters, veterans, business owners, ministers, and attorneys. We are white, black, and brown; LGBT and straight; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and atheist. Above all, we are Americans, who deeply love our country and are willing to fight for what we believe in.

What we are NOT are anarchists, agitators, or “paid” professional activists. The majority of us are getting involved with politics for the very first time. Our organization was founded by a former high school teacher and current stay-at-home mom, and our members are regular, everyday Americans, not sophisticated political operatives.

Our activism extends beyond marching and protesting. We call our elected officials and ask them to vote in a way that aligns with our values. We have met with representatives of our Members of Congress. We have participated in community outreach with local Muslim and Jewish community centers to offer support, and let them know that we do not stand for discrimination based on religion. We have attended city council meetings and town halls with our Members of Congress, and done our best to hold our elected officials accountable and make them remember that they work for us. We are proud to be active members of our democratic process. This is not anarchy; it is our constitutional right to assemble peacefully and be free to speak our minds.

This is not agitation; it is our patriotic duty to ensure that those who speak for us have heard our voices. Our goal is not division; it is inclusion and equality. We are caring, concerned citizens who have been moved to become more organized, educated, and involved.


Lindsay Melhus, founder; Jessica Jaeger, Marjorie Kessler, Tiffany Colasanti, and Elisha Cortez, directors of Moms On The Left and Folsom/Sacramento residents