Letter to the Editor

A new liberal Tea Party?

By: Colleen Britton and Nanci Henning, of Folsom
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President Trump’s Presidency began with violent protests erupting on Inauguration day, followed immediately by the Nasty Women’s March Against Everything.  Since then Republican Congressional Town Hall meetings across the country have experienced unprecedented massive disruptive protests.

Media is quick to attribute this to the rising of a New Grassroots Liberal Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party Movement began as a REAL grassroots movement.  Citizen volunteers, upset with progressive policies and the direction of the country, banded together to make a positive difference and return the country to its Constitutional center. They believed Liberty comes with personal responsibility.

The Alliance of Liberal Disrupters, as I like to call them, are orchestrated from the top.Much of the violence and mindless street protests receive funds through multiple sponsored groups.  The Nasty Women’s March received funding from fifty George Soros funded organizations.  The New York Post reported that Organizing for Action, “OFA, formerly Obama for America, has trained more than 10,000 leftist organizers, who in turn, are training more than 2 million youths in Alinsky street tactics,” and they regularly hold “organizing summits” on college campuses.  More funding and training comes through federally sponsored “nonprofit ACORN clones, who are being secretly bankrolled through Justice Department subprime settlement funds extracted from banks.”

In contrast, Tea Party groups encourage their members to first educate themselves on issues and the Constitution. They’re encouraged to participate in governance at every level; working within the system, within the Law. Their demonstrations are permitted, peaceful, and respectful--no looting, vandalism, or violence.

The Alliance of Liberal Disrupters has no respect for our Constitution, our laws or law enforcement.  They do not respect the rights and free speech of those who disagree with them. They are anarchists, and intimidation and bullying are their hallmark.  While accusing conservatives of being fascists, it is they who commit fascist actions.

America has elected a new President committed to restoring the rule of law, securing our borders, reducing burdensome bureaucratic regulations, and making America great again for ALL Americans. Are you willing, at least, to give him a chance?