Rock-N-Fire ignites your taste buds

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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1010 Riley Street, Folsom, CA 95630


Rock-N-Fire is not just your traditional casual fast-food restaurant; it’s much more than that. The fast-fine dining restaurant specializes in pizzas, burgers and wings, and you don’t have to get all dressed up to eat there.

After 30 years in the restaurant industry, Owner Michael Sanson opened Rock-N-Fire, his second business location, in Folsom.

With experience in resorts, nightclub management, airport restaurant dining and bartending, Sanson knew he would have success on his own. Sanson opened his first restaurant, Trademark Pizza in Roseville four years ago, and after bring wildly successful, he decided to expand and bring his expertise to wholesome Folsom.

“Trademark Pizza in Roseville was the first fast-fire pizza location in Northern California. When I thought about what I should do next, I thought variety. There are a lot of pizza places, a lot of wing places and a lot of burger places, but nobody was doing all of them,” he said.

Sanson said he sat down and did the numbers with timing to see if it could be done where all items come out within minutes of each other.

“When I ran the numbers and the timing, I realized you could do it if you had the space,” he said. “If two people came in, and one ordered a burger and one ordered a pizza, we could deliver both items within minutes of each other. That’s huge. You don’t want one guest to be eating for 10 minutes and then the other just started.”

Sanson said it has been exciting to be able to have the first of its kind of marrying burgers, pizzas and wings to come out at the same time.

“To do anything first puts us in a unique position and gets people excited. People are excited for that opportunity to not just have what the person they’re with wants, such as just pizza. They can have pizza, and if you want a burger, you can still come out with them to the same place without sitting down and having an $80 lunch,” Sanson said.

Sanson put the emphasis on keeping their prices low, quality up and having the food come out fast.

In addition to the main food attractions, Rock-N-Fire also offers rockin’ salads, firey sides and soothing desserts as well as thirst clenching handmade, fruit-infused lemonade.

“In most places, if you are trying to avoid the bread on the burger, they will offer it wrapped in lettuce,” Sanson said. “We make it into a salad – a burger bowl. It has been very popular.”

Side items include cheesy bread, onion rings, rings of fire which are sriracha-infused, garlic fries, pesto fries, fire fries which coated in buffalo wing sauce and more. Desserts include a dessert pizza, brownie sundae and hand-spun ice cream shakes.

Sanson said when he was looking for a spot for his first restaurant, he originally looked in Folsom, but couldn’t find the perfect location. When he decided on Rock-N-Fire, he tired Folsom again and found luck.

“I think Folsom has a unique demographic. It has a lot of families, but also a lot of mobile, young customers who like to go out to eat and drink. Folsom is definitely an active community,” he said.

When asked what his favorite thing has been, he said his customers.

“It’s always been about the people. I love engaging with the people,” Sanson said. “People say I am in my restaurants a lot. That’s because I really enjoy that part of the business. I have been in the industry going on 30 years, and I have stayed because of the guest interactions. I love talking and getting to know people. It’s a big part of who I am.”