EDH Athlete of the Week: Jake Trumbull

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Most good soccer teams have a strong goalie.

With scoring being difficult anyway, having a good goalie makes things even tougher for the opposing team.

Oak Ridge’s keeper is Jake Trumbull. Playing against Folsom, one of the top teams in the area, Trumbull allowed only two goals in two games, both games resulting in 1-1 ties for the Trojans. Trumbull played well in both games.

“Jake made some really big saves at key moments in both games,” Oak Ridge coach Billy Rowley said. “His play this season has generally been very solid. I’ve asked him to be a little more composed when the ball is at his feet, and also to organize the team better with and without the ball and he seems to be improving that with each game. He’s a big guy so that’s a good psychological advantage he has over opposing strikers. Jake’s a nice kid and very keen to learn and improve. His attitude has been excellent and his performance has shown that.”


Folsom Telegraph: What are your hopes/plans for after high school?

JT: I plan to attend Folsom Lake College after high school and hopefully continue my  career playing for the Falcons.


FT: Do sports run in your family?

JT: Yes, both my parents played soccer throughout their childhood and into adulthood. My dad still plays today. My younger brother also played soccer for a period of time, but now does rowing at Capital Crew, so soccer definitely runs in the family.


FT: How long have you been playing soccer and how did you get your start in it?

JT: I’ve been playing for 13 years now, my seventh competitively. It was just one of those sports my parents put me in when I was very young, about 5, to get some physical activity and I fell in love with it.


FT: Have you always been a goalie? How did you find that position?

JT: I didn’t start playing goalie until five years ago. The team needed a goalie for a tournament game and I stepped in and ever since I split time in goal for club with my teammate and very good friend Murat Askin.


FT: What do you enjoy about playing goalie?

JT: It feels good to score a goal, of course, but making a game saving stop is a whole other feeling that is just amazing. It’s just a unique art, putting your body on the line for the team.


FT: At 6-1, 200 pounds, you are one of the bigger goalies. Is that an advantage for you or how do you use your size to your advantage?

JT: I think my bigger frame definitely comes to fruition in one-on-one scenarios, in my opinion one of the stronger points in my game. I can take away more of the goal or at the very least cut off the angle more than some smaller goalies.


FT: How has this season gone so far the team? How do you feel the team has played up to this point?

JT: There have been ups and downs but our last two games were fantastic and we’re looking for a strong finish to the regular season. There has been a lot of improvement since December and the team has come together well.


FT: What are the team's goals this season and what will it take to achieve them?

JT: We, of course, want to make playoffs which is definitely something I think we can do. I think the main goal is to make a deeper run in the playoffs than last year.  Of course, we all have getting to the section finals on our mind and that would be a dream come true.


FT: What’s your favorite class at Oak Ridge and why?

JT: My favorite class has probably been Financial Analysis. It has been really helpful class informing me on what it’ll be like in the future handling my own money as an adult. My teacher, Mr. Kuzmich, does a fantastic job teaching it leading a great class.


FT: Favorite Food?

JT: I think the best food I’ve ever had were totchos from Drewski’s food truck, kind of a guilty pleasure.


FT: Favorite music?

JT: I love some alt rock, like Portugal. The Man, but my favorite artist is the rapper Tyler the Creator.


FT: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them?

JT: I have two dogs, a black lab named Murphy and a poodle beagle mix named Oreo, so you can guess what color he may be.


FT: Do you have any interesting hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

JT: Outside of soccer, I love spending time with my friends and collecting and listening to vinyl records.


FT: What inspires you in sports?

JT: What really inspires me is actually my teammates. I see the work and effort they put in everyday to be a better player and a better teammate and it pushes me to be better for them.


FT: What are your career goals? What job/profession are you interested in?

JT: I would love to stay in sports professionally, as a sports announcer/broadcaster or as a journalist. I love writing as well as talking, and why not pair that up with another passion of mine in sports.