Our View: Being open for business is good business

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Last week, Folsom’s Historic District was the site of the Folsom Bulldogs championship parade. The City of Folsom is fortunate to have such an opportunity to celebrate this great feat. Our Folsom Bulldog Football program is one that is recognized nationally for its great success year after year.

Since December, members of the Folsom City Council and the Folsom Cordova Unified School District worked hard with the Folsom Historic District Association along with the Folsom Police Department and Folsom Fire Department to make this a great event.

Tuesday evening, the streets were lined with cheering fans of all ages, many families, many locals and many visitors. They all came out to support this accomplished team in a great community event. The parade concluded with a rally at the Folsom Historic Amphitheater, where even more guests arrived.

One of the notable observations during this special event was that so many of the businesses on Sutter Street were closed up tight. Street strollers were looking in windows and visiting the very few shops that were open. The few stores that were open had lines out their doors. Some of the businesses even shared the event on their own social media page to help promote the event.

Why were these particular businesses doing so well? It wasn’t because of any special deal or a free offer; they simply made sure they were open for this event. When you have a crowd, an open door is surely going to entice them to visit.

Since late December, the Folsom Telegraph gave front page attention to the planning of this parade along with commentaries and online attention so the community was well aware of it. Tuesday night, along with all of the attendees, were three different television stations that covered the event along with the local newspaper. Our local Folsom TV even live streamed the event from start to finish.

With the sidewalks packed and such great media attention, this would be a prime opportunity for all retail businesses to open their doors to the community. So often we hear and read comments from local merchants, discussing ways to get new faces into their businesses and see Historic Folsom, shop here, come to love it and make a plan to return, maybe even bring friends of relatives.

There is truth to the old saying, “If you build it, they will come.” However, when they come in force and come with media attention, the best thing every business can do is be open. Show the community what we offer in Folsom and how unique they are.

Kudos to those businesses that made sure they were open for this event. It’s you that gives our visitors a very special view and taste of Folsom by going the extra mile. With the Historic District now planning a very special parade to celebrate Independence Day on June 30 right alongside the Folsom Pro Rodeo, our area has a great opportunity to soar in the way of tourism pleasure. This newspaper will work hard with the Historic District and the Chamber to promote those special events, and it will be a prime opportunity to insure your local business is open, even if it does involve varying from your regular hours which are details we too will work to help broadcast to the community. It’s what we do and we do it well, especially when the community works together.    – The Folsom Telegraph