Kaia FIT offers exercise for all levels

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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If you’re looking for a safe and welcoming place to reach your fitness goals, Kaia FIT Folsom may be the right place for you.

Viki Crane was a Kaia coach for seven years until she decided to buy the Folsom location just a little more than a year ago. After being a personal trainer for more than 10 years, she said being a business owner was not on her career path, but she loves everything about it.

Kaia FIT Folsom was opened four years ago for a place where there is community and a place to workout in a non-judgmental environment, but when the owner wasn’t able to give it the attention it needed, Crane stepped in.

“Since, we have added some new equipment and some new programs,” Crane said.

Kaia FIT is a fitness facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels, she said. At Kaia, they teach exercise in three different levels – balance for beginners; strength, for a little more intensity; and Kaia, which is explosive.

“We have these levels so we can cater to the athletes, but we can also cater to those just getting back into exercising,” Crane said.

Kaia is a year-round program that offers boot camp-style classes where you can use body weight or add extra weight to take it up a notch.

In addition, Kaia has a yoga class that is easy going to help the body get the stretch it needs as well as keep the mind quiet. Crane said they recently added a cardio-barre class which is a whole new level of fitness, and it has been very popular. Each Saturday, Kaia has a power hour group running class. Crane said in the future, they have some new and exciting class options coming to the Folsom location.

As membership grows, the classes will remain a small and personable size,” she said.

“It’s small and personable, but you’re going to get that awesome workout,” Crane said. “One thing about Kaia is your coaches aren’t up front doing the exercises, they are there to demonstrate and then walk around and make sure you are doing the exercises properly and safely to eliminate any injuries. We are there to motivate and challenge you.”

Crane said her favorite thing about the Kaia atmosphere is the community and camaraderie with the ladies, or men if they please.

“I wouldn’t have invested my time and energy if the ladies weren’t so awesome here in Folsom. They are all so down to earth and very supportive,” she said. “If someone is new, they are greeted with that warm Kaia feeling.”

For newcomers, one thing Crane wanted to encourage and remind people is to go slow and at your own pace.

“That’s why we teach three different levels. We are constantly changing our exercises and work outs, so you’ll never do the same exercise twice. Even our athletes get sore still,” she said. “Everything is fresh and fun.”

For those interested is Kaia FIT, Crane said customers can come in for a free class to try, and she knows everyone will love it once they try it.

“It’s very intimidating to walk through a gym door,” Crane said. “At Kaia, you’ll be welcomed and motivated to reach your goals. That is one of my favorite parts.”

For more information on membership go to or call 916-542-2298.