Hazumi Sushi Bar offers specialty fish and more

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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8685 Auburn-Folsom Road



Experience a variety of flavors at Granite Bay’s Hazumi Sushi Bar, and you won’t be disappointed.

Owned by the Tsui family, their Granite Bay location is their second successful restaurant. Bill Tsui said his parents, Shuk Ye Tsui and Cheuk Tsui, opened their first location in Lodi 11 years ago, and after looking to open a spot in Downtown Sacramento, they stumbled upon their current location and fell in love. Six years later, Hazumi is a Granite Bay favorite.

“Hazumi means spontaneous, and sushi is just one of those spontaneous foods,” Bill said. “A lot of our sushi is made on the fly depending on what people’s tastes are. We’ll ask our customers what they are into like spicy, non-spicy, different fish, and our chefs can come up with something spontaneously delicious. That’s more or less our motto we run by.”

Hazumi’s menu is quite extensive, which gives everyone the opportunity to find something they love.

“We’re known for our rolls and our variety of rolls. We have so many," he said. “We have about three to four pages of very different rolls. All the combinations are different, so there is something for everyone. We are also known for our specialty fish that we carry seasonally, and our really creative appetizers that are not only really tasty, but aesthetically pleasing as well.”

Bill mentioned their most popular roll on their menu is the Shinobi, which has asparagus tempura, spicy crab and avocado inside, and it is stopped with seared BBQ albacore, jalapenos and sauce.

Other menu items include a variety of nigiri, sashimi, udon, sushi boats and much more.

When asked what he enjoyed most about the Granite Bay location, Bill said the people.

“We really love this community. Everyone seems to really love and understand sushi just as much as we do, so we can get creative and make different things for them to try,” Bill said. “When we first opened in Lodi, they were a little bit more novice than here, so it’s refreshing to have a clientele that knows what they want and enjoy. I love seeing their face when they try something different and they say, ‘This is amazing!’ That’s probably one of my favorite things.”